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ECL - Enterprise Control Language is designed to handle and manipulate immense datasets which makes it a prefect language to solve big data problems. ECL can be used for both ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) and querying data. ECL is a declarative language which allows processing big data without the need of programmer being involved with details and in-depth of imperative decisions.


ECL and SQL can both be used to query a relational database. Following tables displays similar features between ECL and SQL.

Declarative LanguageDeclarative Language
Database ServerThor Cluster or Roxie Cluster
A SQL TableAn ECL Logical File
A SQL EditorVSCode Editor or ECL Cloud IDE
A SQL FileA ECL File
Executing SQL means submitting the written SQL to the Database Server which in turn compiles it and executes itExecuting ECL means submitting the written ECL to a Thor or Roxie cluster which in turn compiles and executes it
SQL Execution History/LogsECL Workunits Database & ECL Watch Workunits View

Language Highlights

  • ECL is not case sensitive language, but it is recommended to use uppercase for reserved words
  • White spaces are ignored, but it is strongly recommended to use white space for clarity and readability
  • Declarative Programming Language, which means you specifies what needs to be done rather than how to do it
  • Source-to-source compiler
  • ECL code translated to C++ that is compiled to shared libraries and executed within a custom frame-work

Please refer ECL syntax to learn about ECL standards. Or, jump right into coding and skip all the introductions.