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HPCCSystems Solutions Lab
HPCCSystems Solutions Lab

Welcome to HPCCSystems Solutions Lab!

Learn ECL

Our HPCC Systems Solutions Lab is proud to provide and support ECL tutorials.

Here we introduce basics of HPCC Systems, our big data platform, and a complete tutorial on ECL (Enterprise Control Language).

HPCC Systems: End to End Data Lake Management

HPCC Systems is a mature platform that has been heavily used in commercial applications for almost two decades, predating the development of Hadoop. Created by LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, an innovative pioneer in big data processing, and open source for nearly a decade now, HPCC Systems features a vibrant development community that continues to push the boundaries of Big Data.

This powerful, versatile platform makes it easier for developers to see the data they’re working with and manipulate it as needed. Flexible information delivery makes it easier for your clients to query and find the data they need — and it runs analysis and queries faster than other platforms such as SQL or Hadoop.

Key Functionalities

  • Data Lake Architecture
  • Cloud Native, Standard hardware, operating system and protocols
  • High redundancy and availability
  • Practical tools and extensions
  • Efficient programming
  • End-to-end configuration
  • Optimized distributed file system (DFS)
  • Massive scalability and performance

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